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Real Estate Development

Our development practice is one of the most comprehensive in the State and encompasses all aspects of our real estate practice, including acquisitions, leasing, financing and construction. What is perhaps the most important aspect of development, the acquisition of the rights to develop, is a strong suit of the Firm. In our development practice, the Firm has coordinated environmental and land use permits for a substantial number of significant and, at times, controversial projects including representation at contentious public hearings before planning, zoning and wetlands agencies, as well as the State Traffic Commission and environmental regulatory agencies and in the prosecution and defense of appeals related to the same. In doing so, our attorneys work closely with attorneys, consultants, engineers, surveyors, environmental practitioners and others, as well as with federal, state and municipal representatives and entities, to ensure the success of the project. As needed, we draw upon the solid experience and knowledge of attorneys from other practice areas within the Firm.