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Property Valuation & Tax Appeal

By State statute each Town must revalue property valuations every five years and send owners the new assessment. Property owners have the right to appeal the new value to the local board of assessment appeals by filing an application with the assessor by February 20 of each year. In many cases tax relief is obtained by our attorneys without any further litigation. However, owners can appeal to the Superior Court within two months of the tax board's decision if the valuation does not reflect the true and actual value of the property. We have successfully represented clients throughout Connecticut in ensuring that the value placed on their property by the town is its fair market value. From many years of working closely with real estate appraisers, our lawyers have an excellent understanding of the three methods of appraising real estate value: the income approach, the sales comparable approach and the cost approach to value. This real estate knowledge helps us negotiate with towns to determine the fair market value of a property.