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UKS attorneys Evan GoldsteinRichard Dighello and Gideon Asemnor continue their participation in the Connecticut Bar Association’s LSAT Scholars Program. Most recently, they took part in a remote meeting with the Scholars to discuss law school grants and scholarships . In addition to the LSAT Scholars and UKS attorneys, participants in the meeting included representatives of the CBA and admissions personnel from UCONN and Quinnipiac Law Schools. The CBA and certain signatories to Connecticut's Legal Community Diversity & Inclusion Pledge & Plan have teamed up with Kaplan Partner Solutions to implement this LSAT Initiative. The purpose of the LSAT Initiative is to provide scholarships for diverse candidates to enroll in an LSAT preparation course. The LSAT Initiative originated as a result of efforts to address the lack of representation in the legal field and to increase the pipeline of diverse talent that enters the legal profession in Connecticut. UKS is a signatory to the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge and Plan and was instrumental in developing the LSAT Initiative.

UKS was recently recognized in the Connecticut Lawyer magazine in the President’s Message.  CBA President Amy Lin Meyerson noted that “ The CBA also is committed to creating a sustainable pipeline of students from high school to college, and, thereafter, to law school and the practice of law through our Pathways to Legal Careers. Our inaugural class of LSAT Scholars is hard at work preparing for their law school journey and engaging with the Connecticut legal community. Many thanks to Kaplan Partner Solutions and Updike Kelly & Spellacy PC for their contributions that enabled the CBA to launch this program. We look forward to growing and ensuring the longevity of this pipeline program with the support of the signatories to the Connecticut Legal Community’s Diversity & Inclusion Pledge & Plan and others.

Attorneys Goldstein, Dighello and Asemnor are all members of UKS’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which is chaired by Attorney Goldstein. For more information on UKS’ Diversity and Inclusion efforts, please visit the UKS website at