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Richard S. Order to Receive Connecticut Bar Association Pro Bono Award

The Connecticut Bar Association has notified UKS Shareholder Richard S. Order that he will receive The Honorable Anthony V. DeMayo Pro Bono Award on April 8, 2021 at the Association’s annual Celebrate with the Stars awards celebration. Attorney Order was nominated for this award by Attorney Linda Allard of Greater Hartford Legal Aid in recognition of the pro bono program he instituted at UKS to help persons of limited financial means obtain Domestic Violence Restraining Orders protecting them from their abusers.

Through this program, Attorney Order and UKS associates, primarily Gideon Asemnor, have represented in family court dozens of women and their children, as well as several men, who have been physically, verbally, and mentally abused, harassed, stalked, and controlled by domestic partners.

“It is horrifying to see how domestic abuse continues to pervade families and relationships, regardless of financial situations, education, culture, and ethnicity,” said Attorney Order. “Our clients are so grateful when we go to court with them and help them start on the path to a new life. Each time we obtain a restraining order, it reminds me of why I went to law school.”