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Evan S. Goldstein | University of Vermont Alumni Association

Burlington, VT, October 3-4, 2019 – Attorney Evan S. Goldstein has been appointed to the University of Vermont Alumni Association Board of Directors for a three year term and is the Co-Chair of the UVM Athletics Committee.  The UVM Alumni Association Board’s purpose is to foster lifelong relationships between alumni and the University; facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the University (Admissions, Affinity Groups, Athletics, Career Services, Diversity and Inclusion and Student Alumni Association) and its alumni; develop programs to engage in various areas of service to the University; enhance the reputation of the University; and recommend policies and programs designed to promote the welfare of the University and its alumni to the UVM Foundation Board of Directors.  Evan will be also responsible for supporting engagement programs anchored around UVM athletics, athlete mentoring and exploration, and supporting student/athletes as they pursue their careers.