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UKS | VentureClash 2019

UKS, through its Technology and Emerging Companies Practice Group, is a proud partner of VentureClash 2019.  VentureClash is an international competition seeking the best early-stage companies in emerging technology fields such as Digital Health, Fintech, Insurtech and Industry 4.0. Participating companies compete for a total of $5 million in investment awards. Ten finalists will pitch their business plans at a VentureClash event at Yale University on October 17, 2019. In addition to the investment awards, VentureClash provides these companies with an opportunity to consult with experts, investors, customers and educators. The winners of VentureClash will also receive mentoring and other assistance from professionals in various aspects of start-up development. The ten finalists for this year’s VentureClash are Atidot (Israel), Cinchy (Canada), Covr Financial Technologies (United States), Curatio (Canada), DEEP IT (Israel), EyeControl (Israel), MothersChoice (Israel), Pineapple (South Africa), ReferWell (United States) and Tremor Technologies Inc. (United States).

UKS’ Technology & Emerging Companies Practice Group, chaired by Shareholder Gregg J. Lallier, provides legal services for the technology, private equity and venture capital industries. Mr. Lallier has represented both mature and emerging growth companies in a variety of enterprises, including software, information technology, clean technology, 3D manufacturing, and health care services and equipment. He also regularly represents angel, venture capital and other institutional investors.

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